Many Husky owners have probably dealt with Husky biting at least once within the dog’s lifetime.  It can be a trying and stressful problem to deal with.  A Husky that bites at first is simply obnoxious, but as he ages, the biting becomes potentially dangerous. If your Husky is biting, you should take action to stop that behavior, no matter what age the Husky.

How to Stop Husky Biting in Puppies

You will want to correct Husky biting when Husky Bitingyour Husky is still a puppy, as this is the easiest and most important time for correction of undesirable behaviors.  Puppies under 6 months of age are easiest to retrain because they are still in the formative months of their lives.  In the wild, this is when canines learn bite inhibition.

A big problem is when people come under the assumption that their Huskies are just playing or teething and not really attempting to hurt them.  What is actually happening is your Husky is learning to assert his position in the pack, using his teeth to show who’s in charge.  During this age, Huskies are very open to learning – teaching your pup to stop biting should start at this age.

There are a few ways of teaching your Husky not to bite.  The easiest way is to mimic how your puppy would be treated by his littermates or mother when they are bitten.  A light nip on the neck, a loud yelp when you are bitten, or replacement therapy where the puppy is handed a toy instead of your hand are good ways to teach him that biting others isn’t acceptable.  If you continue to have trouble teaching your puppy not to bite, sign up for an obedience class or hire a professional trainer.

How to Stop Husky Biting At One Year

A Husky that is allowed to nip, bite or show that he’s in charge of the house will move onto play biting when he reaches adolescence or one year of age.  Any number of factors can contribute to this type of behavior.  This means absolutely no wrestling, tug-of-war, or other dominance related games.

Do not allow your Husky run of the house.  Give boundaries, restrict him to a specific range of the house, and even crate train him if necessary.  A good obedience training class can help with adolescents that bite.

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How to Stop Husky Biting as They Age

Husky biting will be a huge problem as they grow into adults, if they continue to get away with biting.  The Husky will always see himself as leader of the pack, and may try to assert dominance.

If your Husky is of one year of age or older and bites or nips at anyone, seek professional help immediately.  There is a risk of serious danger where the Husky may choose to assert dominance on someone at any time with an attack.

Husky biting is a problem that should be remedied at as early an age as possible.  With the exception of disease or mental disorder, most adult Huskies who bite had issues as puppies that could have been easily resolved.  Avoid allowing your Husky puppy to grow up to become a biter.

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