If you are trying to stop Husky chewing, you should first know that it’s a completely natural and expected behaviour in puppies.  Puppies chew on things out of boredom or because they’re teething, so it’s really just a matter of redirecting the chewing instead of stopping it completely.  Because Huskies are so intelligent, you need to generate enough activities for them to do so that they will have constant mental stimulation and will not resort to chewing up your furniture, shoes or carpet.

Why Stop Husky Chewing?

When puppies are young, many owners assume Husky Chewingthat they should just let them continue chewing on whatever they want, that it’s a natural phase which will pass.  Or they may do the opposite and yell at the puppy, confusing him and possibly causing behavioural problems.  The best response in this situation is to show your dog that chewing is not okay, and then show him alternatives to chew on.  Praising or rewarding him when he chews on appropriate items can also help.

How to Stop Husky Chewing

One important thing to remember when you are trying to stop Husky chewing is to not scold your Husky openly or punish him physically.  No matter how angry you get, never direct it at the puppy.  It will only confuse him and he will not understand what he’s being punished for.  Some better alternatives are as follows:

Behavior Adjustment – Instead of trying to teach your Husky not to chew anything, teach him what he CAN chew on.  For instance, whenever you catch him chewing on your shoe, replace it with one of his toys and them praise him when he does begin chewing on the toy.  This will teach your puppy that chewing on his toy is good and will encourage him to chew on it more.

Keep Your Puppy Busy – Another method to stop Husky chewing is to prevent him from becoming bored.  Puppies will tend to chew things even when they aren’t teething to keep themselves active.  This is just like humans reading a book in their spare time.  This problem can be avoided by providing them with plenty of exercise and spending time to play with them when you are home.  While you’re away from home, make sure there are lots of stimulating toys that will keep your Husky busy for a while.

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Crate Training – If your Husky is getting into things when you are not at home, you may want to crate train him to limit his access of the home.  Alternatively, you can choose an appropriate room without chewable/dangerous objects to keep him in while you’re away.

Aversion Sprays – If you want to prevent the chewing of carpet or furniture, which puppies can actively access and destroy, use a safe humane spray such as Bitter Apple or Cayenne Pepper.  This should cause them to associate those items with the bad taste of the sprays and keep them away from chewing on them.

Remember that Husky chewing is a completely normal behavior, but always avoid directing it to your possessions or fingers.  The key to stopping Husky chewing of your possessions is to redirect him to items that he can chew.

Being Consistent

Be sure to be consistent if you are serious about stopping Husky chewing.  Don’t let your Husky have stuffed animals as toys and then expect him to know which stuffed animals are acceptable to chew.  Similarly, don’t give him old socks or rags to chew on and then expect him to know what clothes he should not chew on.  You should lay down strict rules and follow them all the time.  If you are consistent, your Husky will learn soon enough and his chewing will become far less of a problem.

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