If you’re looking for an honest Secrets to Dog Training review that cuts to the chase, then you’ve come to the right place. In our review, we’re going to go over what this product contains and offers and the main features of it. We’ve also taken the liberty to find and include some testimonials from people who have used this guide.

What are the contents of Secrets to Dog Training?

You’re probably wondering, what does this Secrets to Dog Training product contain and offer? Well, the full package contains a 260+ page ebook that’s designed to help you solve over 25 canine behavioral problems with step by step instructions and photos. In addition to that, there’s a 30 minute video program with real life examples and house-training methods. Lastly, you will get unlimited access to the Secrets to Dog Training team of dog trainers, veterinarians, and fellow enthusiasts in the Members Area forum where they will provide you with free dog behavior consultations. These three components are what are included in the main product.

However, it doesn’t stop there because they offer you several bonuses with your purchase. The bonuses consist of 6 items: The Secrets to Dog Training audio book, and 5 helpful ebooks on topics including resolving aggression, house training methods & tricks, becoming the alpha dog and more. Currently, this product is on sale, so you get this entire package for $39.95, instead of the regular $69.95.

What are the main features? What makes it special?

The Secrets to Dog Training program is designed to help you become as successful as possible in training your dog. It is aimed at teaching you to train your dog like a professional trainer at home in the shortest period of time possible. It is possible to make good progress with your dog with as little as a few minutes of work everyday. Apparently the vast majority of their members have been using the techniques outlined in this product to solve specific behavioral problems that they’ve had with their dogs. These problems include everything you could imagine, including aggression, digging, barking, whining, separation anxiety,  jumping, chewing, bolting, house training, and others.

What makes Secrets to Dog Training so effective is that it’s not just based on theories that a certain person or trainer said. It apparently uses proven strategies that have shown actual results and allows your dog to understand what you are trying to communicate rather than punishing him for something he doesn’t understand.

What do others think of it?

We’ve included excerpts of a few testimonials from dog owners who have used this program below:

“Sumo, our pup, is doing great! At only 5 months old he sits, lies down, heals, stays, and even comes most of the time. We can not expect too much at his age but he is getting better everyday. Secrets to Dog Training continues to provide support through email which we feel is a priceless resource.”
— Wayne & Sumo (USA), KingdomOfPets.com

“[Neo & Molly] know now who’s the alpha and don’t try nearly as much nonsense as they used to. Obviously I’m not expecting them to change overnight, I realise I have to be rigorous in the re-training but so far they’re coming along great!”
— Kirsty Halleran (UK), KingdomOfPets.com

“I recommend it ad nauseum! Jack still pulls on the lead he has good days and bad days but we are working on it. Jack now looks us in the eyes, can be walked off lead. Sits, Stays, Fetches, leaves he is a great play mate. He sits and waits so quietly for his dinner we have honestly forgotten he is still waiting once or twice and he has come to remind us 5 minutes later!”
— Cara McLean (Cambridge, UK), KingdomOfPets.com

The general concensus is that although Secrets to Dog Training isn’t some magic overnight solution, the majority of owners have seen great progress with their dogs. As with any problem, canine behavioral issues need to be addressed with patience and consistency.

The conclusion of our Secrets to Dog Training review…

Hopefully, our Secrets to Dog Training review has been informative enough that you now have a better idea of what it offers. The amount of information that is offered in the package is a steal for the sale price of $39.95. They also offer a 60 day refund policy, so there is truly nothing to lose if you’re ever unsatisfied. With 60 days, that is plenty of time to examine and try out the product.

To reiterate, you get a 260+ page ebook, a 30 minute video program, unlimited access to free consultation on the forum, as well as 6 bonus books (1 of which is an audio book). The whole package is enormous value for what you pay. Consultations are usually very expensive, and can run at over $50 an hour, so just that one component is worth far more than what the price is currently at.

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